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What is the Technical Product Manager Career Path?
What is the Technical Product Manager Career Path?

Although the technical side of product management doesn’t require many soft skills, a product manager should still have some. It’s important to remember that despite the term ‘technical’ being attached to the job role, the product manager needs to understand business objectives and ultimately drive growth for the company. Knowing how to collect data, and that too from the right places can help streamline a product manager’s job to a tremendous degree. Almost the entire SaaS product management and successful product managers today are based on the Agile methodology. As you plan your career path, make sure to focus on gaining the skills that are most relevant to product management. Once you have a good grasp of the skills needed, finding a job as a Product Manager should be much easier.

technical product manager

In certain circumstances, Product Managers have backgrounds in software development or engineering. A technical product manager is responsible for overseeing all product development processes and making sure that it aligns with the company’s strategy and goals. In this role, you’ll be in charge of the product roadmap and feature prioritization, product research and customer needs, user testing and beta testing, and product discovery and ideation.

The Difference Between a Product Owner and Product Manager, Explained

They will probably have risen through the ranks to become a senior or lead engineer. This experience enables them to understand the intricacies of a technology program and the people delivering the work. It enables a TPM to have a respected technical opinion, spot potential improvements, and predict risks. In this article, I’ll give you an inside look at the role of a TPM and the workings of technical program management.

We wrote earlier about the top skills you need to become a product manager. For your convenience, let’s reiterate them below and then delve deeper into how a https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/product-manager/ improves upon these skills. If you’re looking to move into a technical product manager role, you’ll want to demonstrate that you can fulfill all the responsibilities and competencies described above.

Act as team lead.

He also teaches product and design topics at multiple institutions like Pluralsight. When not working, you can find him writing and composing bad cover versions of Disney songs. A typical day in a TPM’s role would require you to understand the upcoming technology trends your current audience is reading and exploring.

technical product manager

Creating a product roadmap is among the most critical tasks of a technical product manager. It acts as a blueprint for what the product needs to be and what route it should take. A Technical Product Manager will spend most of their time working with development teams. As a result, it’s not as if they won’t be working with engineering teams, marketing, sales, and customer support—just it’s that their focus will be much more specific on the tech teams.

Time Tracking

It includes the tasks that each team and employee will execute, the timeline for when each one should be completed, and the overall impact that each will have on the business's objectives. Technical product management (TPM) is rising in prominence as a highly sought-after role in tech, with over 22,000 open technical product manager job openings in the U.S. alone. That makes the technical product manager role one of the hottest roles in the upcoming years.

Technical product managers bring a product vision to life by working with teams to create and perfect the design elements of a product. Technical product managers focus on the design and technical needs of a product, working closely with engineering personnel. The technical product manager is generally internally facing (hence the inbound product manager title). This skillset is minus the technical aspect and breaks into a de facto program manager role.

Senior Product Manager - Security, IoT

Or, directing it in a new way to broaden its reach and fit with wider corporate goals. A Technical Product Manager must communicate directly with users to discover technological elements that contribute to user success. Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software.

technical product manager

The position demands a mix of management and technical skills to lead development teams. Handling the technical side of product development and management involves both in-depth technical knowledge and a natural ability to lead product teams. Once product owners have come up with the product vision, they work with technical product managers to make it a reality.

Head of Data & Platform Products / Principal Product Manager

As mentioned earlier, the technical product manager is sometimes referred to as an inbound product manager. This means the person in this role is expected to understand, approve, and collaborate on aspects of engineering , technical architecture, and design for the product. That said, a technical product manager isn’t expected to do any programming or coding; they just need to understand and appreciate the engineering and technical aspects of the product development lifecycle. Technical product manager, sometimes called inbound product manager, is a product management role that comes with additional responsibilities that require technical knowledge and skills. Markup Hero provides a suite of annotation tools for fast and easy feedback on all sorts of daily activities for technical product managers. Learn what duties and responsibilities are assigned to a technical product manager in a SaaS or product based company alongside the skills they must possess.

  • This is because the audience has pain points and it’s up to the product manager to provide them with an optimal solution, which they can’t do unless they understand the product inside out.
  • The scrum master would then make suggestions for overcoming potential roadmaps and where they could be more efficient.
  • The technical product manager converts the vision into a workable blueprint.
  • If you want easy recruiting from a global pool of skilled candidates, we’re here to help.
  • It’s an umbrella term that involves multiple activities and individual hard skills.
  • When not working, you can find him writing and composing bad cover versions of Disney songs.

They’ll help with developing product vision, strategy, roadmapping, releases, and marketing. Technical product managers bridge the gap between infrastructure development teams and business executives because they understand how technical product requirements support business goals. A technical product manager (PM) is a product manager that possesses a strong technical background and therefore focuses on the technical aspects of product development. Technical product managers should regularly communicate with the product owner and scrum master throughout development. They should provide updates, ask questions about the product vision, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding timelines and task prioritization.

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